About ISCP

The International Symposium on City Planning (ISCP) has been convened since 1994 with a central role played by City Planning Institute of Japan, Korea Planners Association and Taiwan Institute of Urban Planning.

ISCP’s objective is to develop and diffuse academic knowledge, to promote practices and to improve experts’ capability regarding city and regional planning through the close interdisciplinary communion, including research presentations and a panel discussion, on planning in Asia and Oceania.

Vietnam Urban Planning and Development Association joined the consortium in 2012 and is to participate in ISCP from this time. ISCP 2014 will take place in Hanoi, Vietnam.


No. Year Theme Host Location
20 2013 Resilient and Sustainable Cities CPIJ Sendai, Japan
19 2012 Smart City and Urban Renewal TIUP Taipei, Taiwan
18 2011 Preservation of Historic City and City Planning KPA Gyeongju, Korea
17 2010 Historical Heritage and City Planning CPIJ Nara City, Japan
16 2009 Urban Regeneration and Innovation TIUP Tainan City, Taiwan
15 2008 Emerging Planning Issues in East Asian Cities KPA Jeonju-City, Korea
14 2007 Creative City CPIJ Yokohama, Japan
13 2006 Diversity, Creativity, Sustainability TIUP Taipei, Taiwan
12 2005 Heritage, Culture, Uniqueness KPA Jeju, Korea
11 2004 Planning, Regionalism, Coexistence CPIJ Sapporo, Japan
10 2003 Planning, Regionalism, Coexistence CPIJ Sapporo, Japan
9 2002 Cities in the Information Age TIUP Taipei, Taiwan
8 2001 Oriental Paradigm for Urban Planning in the 21st Century KPA Taejon, Korea
7 2000 Prospect for City Planning in the 21st Century CPIJ Kobe, Japan
6 1999 Retrospact and Prospect for Regional Development Towards 21st Century TIUP Tainan, Taiwan
5 1998 Sustainable Urban Development Towards the 21st Century KPA Kangnung, Korea
4 1997 New Pradigm in City Planning CPIJ Nagoya, Japan
3 1996 Reshaping Urban Vision and Development Towards 21st Century TIUP Taichung, Taiwan
2 1995 The Globalization of Local City KPA Kwangju, Korea
1 1994 Local Cities in the 21st Century CPIJ Fukuoka/ Kitakyushu, Japan